My First Blog Post

My name is Dimitri and my nick name has always been;
and will always be.. Miti.(pronounced: Me-tea) So that may explain the title of the blog.
You know I've been meaning to write and jot down my story for such a long while..
but life, and circumstance and the 'L' word has alway's leg swept my effort's, I'm here now though. Isn't that the important part?
You know.. not "how long it took" or "Appreciate the journey" but I am here,
and if this Blog post isnt a tree falling in a barren forrest I hope someone hears the sound, or see's my utterings..and recieve this well. So I bet you're wondering; "what will be the content of your blog? why should I stick around?" Well im no salesmen but I will tell you the play by play as it happens and how I see it unfolding.
So for starters. You'll get my life story as it was and as it happens. Ill try with every effort to paint all those who are included in a decent light. You will also recieve update's on my journey to success (more on my definition of success later see: The three idiot's bollywood film for quick reference) I'll also frequently change the site up as my skills increase in development, I'll primarily share my philosphys in life and explain my view on the world.... but wait there's more
But that's just the beginning...

Thank you for coming

It was a pleasure hosting you here, please stay tuned and in touch by email or social media. This is the start of the blog "Dimitri - the world and as I see it" Hope to see you next time.

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