Miti (Me - Tea)

September 17 2018

Welcome Back,
We'll talk about my early child hood in this post. Going way back into the early 90's
when things were good, the world had stability. I mean we had Mr.Bill Clinton doing his thang during the dot com days, Walkman's were walking; filling our steps with music long before Steve made us Shuffle,
The glory age of Disney..Magic was all around us (shout out to all my mufassas, and Simbas),
Pokemon and Digimon cards and T.v show's and figurines were all the rage, Dragon ball, Dragon ball z were alive and well. P.s I've tried to turn super saiyan and kamehamehahhh my brother kierre too many times to count. This was the 90's it borne us so many great memories and music and theme's, cultural bullet points that we still cling on to today; Like hooped earring's and jean jackets, R-Kelly ( lol ).
Yet the greatest iterations of that amazing decade had to be Jessica Rabbit... and Me.
But ofcourse as with all things do, if not properly maintained.. They fall apart, Yep the 2000's came.
All I have to say is that we got BUSH ( in all cap's and bold ).. and to be honest we could end the conversation about the early 2000's right there, So we'll pick up on that later..
when we get into Politics and Conspiracies.

Mixed in with all of that greatness of the 90's, Was the birthing of my brother and Sister.
We did everything together, because each other is all that we had.
Our mother was working hard and trying her best to provide for us along with our grandmother...
But most day's was us, and when I say us.. I really mean my sister.
I'm not sure how she shouldered all of that responsibility, her working in tandom with my mother to make sure the two boys were all-right and had everything we needed.
I always say she was, and is the smartest of us all..
She's an amazing woman, She continues to be a great example that we look up to,
and then there is my brother;
The athlete, the gentle bear the caring one. He was better at me than most things that required going outside.. like.. for example, talking to people, making freinds, the full range of sports, obviously wrestling because he had a pretty mean body slam haha..
he also kept me out of alot of trouble because I was the reserved one.. the one who could play runescape for a full 24 hour's and who saw Google and FaceBook and Craiglist and thought he could mirror them.. unfortunately I lacked the resources back then or i'd be all of your over lords by now lol. He kept me out of trouble because as I said I was terrible at casual human things; like perceiving other's intention's so when approached by someone in the city; at school of all places..
He would make sure that they knew who I was, and how they didnt want to fight me because im quick
( he personally knew this lol I had ninja tactics ) but over all he made sure they knew I was not going to join any gang. I can't thank him enough for this. we had a colorful child hood , with many more stories but ill end this blog post here.. but before I go one more thing, one more detail about me and how I got my nickname: Miti ( me - tea) I was a pretty fat baby, got sick. Really sick and loss alot of weight, rapidly. ( one of the many time I almost ended my trip on planet earth early ) So I was no longer that meaty child I was before.. and there goes the name.

Thank you for stopping by. See you next time.

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